Chasing Orion

chasing Orion  Poster.jpg

This winter we are embarking on a new journey. Cosmic Connection is going to push the boundaries of Astrophotography by following the brightest segment of our winter night sky: Orion.

ST (41).jpg

Orion’s belt rises in the south east (just as the Milky Way Core) and sets in the west. The winter night sky allows for some of the clearest nights due to the colder temperatures eliminating atmospheric noise. With colder temperatures come new challenges. Photographing in the bitter cold can cause lenses to fog and freeze, not to mention your hands! As an Astrophotographer myself, Orion has been a target I have always wanted to chase. Living in Wyoming has caused that chase to be near impossible. The -20 degree weather has never made it easy. Now in Utah, we hope to utilize the warmer temperatures of Southern Utah to aid us in our adventure!

We are recording our adventures via video and stills, showing what a star shoot is really like. With brand new locations and Starscapes we hope to add a great variety of content. We hope you join us on our adventure and enjoy this grand journey of night time imaging!

Roy Nelson