Workshop Overview

  • Two class options

    • A Star Enthusiast - in the field experience + 2 hour post production class the following day - $500 with a $250 (non refundable) deposit

    • A Star Gazer - in the field experience only - $350 with a $250 (non refundable deposit)

  • Learn single exposure photographs, light painting, star trails, and night panoramic

  • An intuitive and detailed beginner's astrophotographer guide written by Roy Nelson

  • Small class sizes for more one-on-one instruction

  • Further details on exact location and itinerary after reserving a spot or sending us a message with questions


What You Will Learn

Our workshop will cover 3 main areas of focus; single exposure photographs, star trails, and night sky panoramic.

Single exposure photographs of the night sky requires specific camera settings which will be taught on location. We ensure settings to showcase sharp stars with no trailing. We also will go over basic constellations and learn about the moon cycle in regards to Astrophotography.

Star trail images are images that show the rotation of the Earth. Here, we do the opposite of single exposure photography by purposely exposing for large amounts of time to show the movement of the light as the earth turns. To ensure a clean final result, clear of any hot pixels and noise, we use a layering method in post production. We will teach how to properly set an intervalometer or how to set in camera time-lapse options. The great thing about the layering method is that you will get a 2 for 1 result of a beautiful trailing image and a time-lapse video of the moving stars!

Night sky panoramic seem scary to shoot, but in reality it is the same method as photographing landscape panoramas in the day time. However the long exposure times do add a more time consuming result. These images can showcase the entire Milky Way from end to end. A result that will for sure impress your friends and family!

Post Production

Our post production section of the workshop will take place the day following the shoot. This will be a intuitive overview on how to use editing software to enhance your fantastic shots. We cover, Night Sky Color, Saturation, Contrast, and Noise. With hands on instruction and access to Adobe Photoshop, we promise you will leave the editing session with ready to print photographs that will last a lifetime.

Night Sky Guide: Astrophotogaphy Book

Also Included free with any tour is our fantastic beginners guide to Astrophotography book written by yours truly.

 Night Sky Guide is a great beginners book that explains how to plan a milky shoot (moon cycle, star cycle etc) it also  covers were to find dark skies and the settings needed to get great shots of the stars. Also included is a gear guide for everything you needed for photographing the night as well as post production tips to bring you images to life! This guide will be included free if you join us on a tour!

Want a copy now? Place and order down below!



Workshops will be taught in the Utah Valley around Salt Lake City, Utah. With the salt flats to the west and mountains to the east there are many locations and opportunities. Dark skies are a necessity for Astrophotography, and we know the best locations. 


What To Bring?

  • DSLR Camera

  • Batteries and plenty of memory cards (remember if it is chilly outside, batteries can die quickly, we recommend to buy car chargers for your batteries and always come over prepared -Roy and Annie will testify that the WORST feeling is to get out on location and realize they do not have enough camera equipment)

  • Tripod

  • Intervalometer

  • Lenses- Any wide angle to normal focal length

    • 18-55m

    • Anything from 14mm-50mm

  • Sleeping Arrangements, you may choose to camp out there with us or go home after you have achieved your goals

  • Headlamp/flashlights

  • Camping Chairs

  • Proper clothing and shoes

    • Conditions vary! Check the weather, sometimes it may be cold and sometimes it may be very warm. We want you to be comfortable!

  • Dinner arrangements/snacks/drinks- (We will have some light refreshments.)

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